Wednesday, January 05, 2011

so how hard can it be?

How hard can it be to get a photo of my 14 month old's first real set of piggies?




I took way more that just the three photos below. Way more.

But chose these three because they are my favorites. Let me explain.

When I get out the camera Madeline tends to run away from me. Lydia, on the other hand, makes this face. That shot is blurry and grainy and ten different kinds of wrong but that is so Lydia right now. So, very very Lydia.

So again with the blur (what would you expect from a 14 month old ball of energy) and the grain and the wrong but that smile, THAT smile is her sister smile. That is the smile that only Madeline gets. It is equal parts adoration and joy. I love it.

And last, the best photo of all the shots I took today. You'd think I JUST started using my camera. For some reason I just couldn't figure out the manual settings today. So I switched to full auto and turned on the flash. Not my best work but at least I captured this moment. Lydia's first piggies, her two bottom teeth and that sweet chubby smile. Oh how I love my little girlie!

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Fiance-Jeanne said...

Absolutely love the piggies and that smile of hers.