Monday, January 17, 2011

The Guide

I have a friend who is expecting twins. Although she still has two months ahead of her, after a conversation with her on Friday I gathered that she was feeling kinda done with the whole pregnancy thing.


Although I've never carried twins, I totally get the feeling of being done growing beings inside you. So in order to lift her spirits, maybe make her chuckle and know that someone is thinking about her I present:

Madeline and Lydia's guide to twins.

#1- No matter how you feel inside always keep a smile on your face.

#2- Cleaning is a snap with two kiddos in tow.

#3- Clothing makes a great handle while getting those tough to reach spots on your floor clean.

#4- never. stop. smiling.
(thumbnail is enlarged from the photo above...)

#5- Who needs two high chairs? Although you might want to situate them better to avoid brain injury or broken bones.

I hope you're smiling... Who loves you? *een does, that's who!


J_Team said...

you are too funny! tell the girls they can babysit anytime. ;) thanks for the laugh! here's to hoping I'm miserable for at least 7 more weeks :)

Molly said...

Can I change my name to Molleen and join the club?