Saturday, January 08, 2011


What is it about this time of year that makes me want to clean out my closets and eat nothing but flax seed and quinoa?

It's like a life cleanse both inside and out. Was that TMI? No? Good.

Last Saturday Kev and I overhauled our second floor. I cleaned out Lydia's closet. I put away all of my laundry (which hadn't been done since at least Thanksgiving) and all of Madeline's clothes. I organized my closet and finally put away my maternity clothes. No worries I haven't actually worn them in over a year... ok, most of them. Kev deep cleaned the bathroom (what a man I have!) cleaned up the office/guest bedroom and cleaned/rearranged the furniture in our bedroom.

It is cathartic to clean out the proverbial and occasionally real cob webs.

But I want more. The master room closet, known as 'the junk room' is full of, well, junk. Problem is, when I enter the closet I have two little shadows that follow me in. There is hardly room for me. I'd take a photo, but I am afraid of showing the word my really dirty little secret. Then there is the kitchen. No matter how often I clean the kitchen it is the center of life and it gets messy in a heartbeat. Let me stress it isn't unsanitary it is just messy. Those flat surfaces accumulate a massive amount of "stuff" over the course of a day. The hall closets are a mess and not being used in the best way. The basement, oh don't even get me started on the basement!

The real dilemma?

These two lovies. (and what a cute two they are...)

In the wise words of Phyllis Diller, "Cleaning your house while your kids are still growing is like shoveling the walk before it stops snowing." (Phyllis Diller's House Keeping Hints, 1966)

Now I'm not asking for an immaculate home. Long before we had kiddos our home was far from immaculate but when I got fed up, like I so often do at this time of year, I could take the time to do something about it without having to line up a full day of babysitting.

So where do I find balance? I know this is a common feeling for mothers but I feel like I am the only one who doesn't have this figured out. I know that reality is more likely that I have it more figured out than most.

Which to me, is a very scary thought...


Sara D. said...

I'm in awe. I have the complete desire to purge, but none of the follow through. And WE NEED TO DO IT. Badly. Coincidentally, this is how I just *happened* to have a box of plain gelatin in my pantry for those marshmallows (I actually had 3 BOXES). They have been there for at least 5 years, because I can't remember why I bought them. In fact, just a photo of my pantry could be an entire blog post. Need. To. Purge.

mGk said...

Although my pantry is also a resting ground for misfit food stuffs plain gelatin just isn't one of them. Expired fruit pectin and cans of salmon, sure, but you can't make marshmallows out of those. :)

Oh and I am kinda geeking out that you read my blog. I love your blog... I'll just say it, I have blog envy! :)

Molly said...

Nobody has that figured out kid. Somehow I managed to tile the bathroom and paint the living room/dining room when you kids were very young, but I don't remember how. I know I had help. I must have!