Monday, January 10, 2011

Playing Catch Up, vol. I

I have a lot of catching up to do on this here bligity-blog. I have decided not to overwhelm you my dear reader and slowly catch up. So let's start way back in October of 2010. Do you remember October? After September, before November? Usually the peak of the beautiful fall colors. At least it is here in the Gateway to the West. Do you remember 2010? It was just 10 days ago? No? Me either.

I'm not here to talk about the past. (10 points to the first person to identify that reference...)

Ok, I apologize for the detour. I think I'm done.

Let's catch up...

Invitations, designed by me.

On October 16th I turned 31 and we threw Lydia a first birthday party. If you've been around this bligity-blog a while you may remember we threw a similar party for Madeline's first birthday. First birthday's are a big deal for us and we want to share it with all those who helped us get to this point in our lives. Even if that is 40+ people!

The Birthday Buffet

No, I did not make this cake.

I didn't make this one either.

Usually the more shy of our two kiddos, Lydia did enjoy a room full of people singing to her!

She barely got messy. She may not be my daughter.
Wait, I was there when she was born so, I take that back.

Before opening presents she took a moment to enjoy a spot of tea with Aunt Beth.

She had such a good day!

It really was the best way to celebrate Lydia's big day! Thank you to all who were physically there, as well as there in spirit!


Adrienne said...

Arrgh! The quote is echoing through my mind and yet I cannot place it! Help!

I'll go back and read the rest of the post later when I can focus.

Michelle said...

If you had made that cake I would have to defriend you due to feelings of inadequacy (is that spelled right?)

notawritersfather said...

Mark McGwire!
Otherwise.. nice bliggity-blog!

Adrienne said...

Thank you! Finally SOMEONE helped me out. (Note: it was NOT the person who posed the puzzler. Thanks.)

One a different note, Maureen, the picture of you holding Miss Lydia is a great one. How pretty and content you look. You are one fabulous mommy!