Sunday, July 05, 2009


That is the number of trees that Kevin and Scott removed from our yard this week. Although we love the new house, we were left with a huge mess in the yard. There was 0 landscaping done by the previous owners and what is left is really overgrown. Kevin has already taken out two trees by himself along with at least three or four bushes. (Huge honeysuckles and such) There is still a long way to go, but it is getting better.

I feel it necessary to document this huge project, mainly b/c it involved a chain saw!

Scott wielding a chain saw.

Kevin, making sure the tree falls in our yard and not on the neighbor's new fence/car!

Scott, taking a break on the garage roof.



Elliot said...

Scott is a brave man. You wouldn't see me climbing up on that garage roof, not even to save a whiffle ball.

mGk said...

Kevin climbed up on top the next day. I kept the phone close by, just in case I needed to dial EMTs. Surprisingly, the roof held up... but they stayed very close to the support beams on the edges of the roof.