Friday, July 03, 2009


Kevin and his BFF Scott cut down 7 seven trees in our yard this week. None of them were particularly large, but they were large enough to necessitate a chain saw. I was nervous to say the least. Both Scott and Kevin have all of their fingers and toes. The only injury was, of course, to Madeline.

They had put the chain saw away, but there were still some tree trunks on the ground and Madeline decided to try to climb up on them. Before anyone could stop her she had stumbled and scraped her face. This photo was taken minutes after and looks much worse than it is. She now has a scrape on her nose and a tiny mark under her eye. She was scared more than anything. I think I would be too if 5 grown ups started running towards me frantically asking if I was OK. (Kevin, Scott, Me, My Mom and case you were wondering who the five were.)

See that cute little smile? She is just fine.

Tomorrow is a holiday... so there should be photos... and I still own you photos from yesterday. I will get to it very, very soon.



Gina said...

She looks fine! :) Logan is a wild man who always, always, always has a scrape or bruise somewhere visible. It's great.

Olivia said...

I'm pretty sure even I would be scared if I saw you running towards me:)

J_Team said...

Another tree massacre! Looks like she'll survive the scrape. :) Glad to hear your trees got trimmed too!