Tuesday, July 14, 2009

For Uncle Bryan

It's All Star week here in the STL. With that comes exciting events, lots of increased revenue for our downtown area, and parking problems on our street. Argh!

Friday night the three of us headed down to the MLB Fan Fest to enjoy the festivities. We had fun, but didn't stop to do many of the activities because we had Madeline with us. Two year olds don't generally like standing in lines and most of the fun stuff had pretty long lines.

We did however, stop at some fun spots and Madeline played around.

Madeline, the future of American Softball.

Madeline, hitting home runs in the kiddo batting cages.

For uncle Bryan, who told her to find Fred Bird and say Hi! Sorry, this is the best we could do. The real one must have gone back to his nest for the evening by the time we got there.


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bridget said...

You're just lucky the All-Star festivities are this year when you only have one kid to contend with!