Sunday, July 12, 2009

A conversation with a 26 month old

Conversations from this morning.

Me: Madeline, you need to eat your eggs.
Madeline: But they not green?
Me: No, scrambled eggs are yellow.
Madeline: I don't like yellow eggs. I like green eggs.
Me: Why?
Madeline: Sam I am!


As I walk into her play room:
Madeline: I playing.
Me: Yes. You are playing with your Potatoes*.
Madeline: I like playing alone. You can go away.

*Mr. Potato Heads



Gina said...

Her language is awesome! Get that girl in a developmental language group as a positive peer model! She'd be perfect! :)

Jenny and Aaron's Baby Blog said...

That is awesome! I love the things little kids say! And now Aaron wants green eggs. :)

RPS said...

Ha! She's something else...I wonder if she'd tell Scott to go away while she was playing -- that'd be to funny! It was great to see you guys while we were home!!! And I'd love to have Maddy at school with me -- she could teach my kids soooo much!! I told Scott she seems older than two with her mad language skills.

Michelle said...

Very impressive. I wonder how she will feel playing alone once new brother/sister is here. :)