Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Because in 1 and 1/2 innings the All Star Game will be over

I have to post the last of our All Star Fan Fest photos now because tomorrow it will just be tacky. And you know me, I hate to be late with posting anything. (Like those 4th of July parade photos I promised and still haven't posted... no, not me!)

Madeline, hanging out in the mock club house.
"But Dad, you have to get me this Cardinal's chair. That is where my sippy cup goes!"

Hanging out with Pujols' jerseys.
"Ok Mom. Take the picture already."

A horrible photo of our family. But I HAD to have a photo of all three of us in our Cards get ups.
Madeline: "Don't make me say cheese again."
Kevin: "I am smiling because Mo says I have to."
Maureen: "Are you smiling? Madeline? Kevin? Look happy damn it. I said smile!"



RPS said...

oooo -- we're so jealous -- looks like a wonderful time!!

Molly said...

Didja buy her the chair?? huh?