Wednesday, July 29, 2009

An appology to my brother

I wrote last week that posting would be light. Then I went ahead and scheduled a few posts to make myself feel better. It was like I was there all long. Little did I know last week that this week would find me even busier. So now my blog has suffered and so have you dear readers. I know you miss me! I miss you!

Anywho, let me start with an apology. I deleted a comment made by my own brother last week on this post. I didn't do it out of spite or dislike... totally the opposite... He had told my secret. I wasn't just busy last week. We were out of town. In Florida to be exact (more on this later...).

Over the (almost) 4 years this blog has been around, (omg has it really been that long?!?) I have taken certain measures to make sure my family is protected. I use our first names, but have never used a last name of ANYONE I have blogged about. I also have protected our address and specific location. I don't know if you have noticed, but I have not posted a photo of the exterior of our new home, or given any physical landmarks by which to identify it. I do not blog about employers or schools or daycares or babysitters. All things I do to keep my family safe. I also know that I could do more. Some people don't show thier children's faces, or use their full or real names. But I want this to be about our family. It is my record so I share as much as I am comfortable.

With that being said, there still might be a creep out there who has figured out something about our lives, and if they knew we were out of town might take that time to steal our stuff. How likely is that? Not very. Am I going to take the chance? No way.

So I apologize to my brother. Your comment was appreciated. Sorry I deleted it. I still love you.

Once I have dug out from under all my laundry I will post the highlights from our trip. We hung out at the pool, built sand castles on the beach and attended a beautiful beach wedding. It was a fantastic trip. So much so, I cried on the flight home b/c I wasn't really ready to come back.

I leave you with a sneak peek. I want to cry just looking at this photo. (I blame that on the hypnotic effect of the ocean and third trimester hormones...)


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