Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I'd rather be a chicken, yes a chicken

As a child, my mother used to sing me a bed time song that we now refer to lovingly as "the potato song." Of course I sing it to Madeline frequently as well. (It is one of the few that I learned as a child that doesn't involve death or dying... 'suffocation' anyone? Oh, you think I'm joking... oh, how I wish I was!)

Today Madeline was playing with her new kitchen, a birthday present from Granny and Poppy, and I noticed something that I have to share.

There are potatoes in the oven, in the oven and they're getting nice and brown.

There'll be lots of watermelon, watermelon, when the season rolls around.
In the pantry there is chicken oh boy chicken
In the smoke house lots of ham.
Oh I'd rather be a chicken, yes a chicken, than a poor smoked ham.

A poor smoked ham!

Did you happen to see that the potato looks totally terrified AND has a pig nose? Talk about a poor smoked ham!



bridget said...

I love this post!!! As you know I grew up with this song and passed it on to my kids as well. Now please do a post on "Pity the Cowboy"...can't wait to see that one!!!

Elliot said...

Best. Blog. EVER.

Adrienne said...

Can't say as I know the song to which you are referring. However it is slightly concerning to think about some of the meaning behind certain children songs...Allouette (hey, everyone needs a good bird plucking song).

By the way, I have been loving your previous posts... this is just the first one where I remembered my password. :)

Michelle said...

So, did Madeline put those objects in their respective places by herself? If so I agree with Elliot.

mGk said...

That was all her!

Molly said...

Awesome! I must confess, the first time we played with the kitchen, I put the Mr. Potato Head in the oven and sang the song with her. She came up with the watermelon & chicken on her own, though. :)

You can't blame me for all the death songs. I got them from my parents.

carolyntracy said...

I've never heard of that song either, and I thought I knew ever single silly kid song. You'll have to post a video with the song on it so I can teach my kids. You guys are right though- this is the best blog ever.