Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The need for Swed

That is right, I need an Ikea*.

Why do you ask?

#1- well constructed, solid wood furniture that doesn't break the bank.

#2- wonderfully whimsical children's textiles (like the ones on Madeline's new toddler bed)

#3- the desire to not spend hours in the car and tons of $$ on gas to get to Chicago. (although my girl trip in November (where I took the above photo) was awesome and I would be doing it again in the Fall if it weren't for #2's impending arrival!!)

#4- this

#5- two words: Swedish meatballs

#6- three words: shrimp on toast

#7- inexpensive frames and artwork that are actually stylish

#8- curtains I would actually hang in my house (and can actually afford)

#9- If you read these comments, specifically the J-teams, that is reason #9

#10- did I mention this chair?

This top ten list only scratches the surface. I didn't mention this, this OR this!

There are have been many rumors that the STL area is getting an Ikea. Unfortunately they are just rumors. I wonder what I would have to do to get an Ikea here... I can be pretty persuasive. If only I could get Anna to actually listen to me.

*Don't know what Ikea is? Shame on you, and go here to educate yourself in the wonder that is this Swedish retail sensation!



Kelli said...

I totally feel your pain!

J_Team said...

oh, honey I feel you. Why don't they realize that we'd be the perfect market?!?
If you change your mind and want to go late summer/before you're too close to due, you know I'm there. And that'll mean we split gas. And can take my car again. And we could even go there and back in a day, so as to not necessitate a hotel stay. And my poang is awesome-- you DO need one too. And the shelfy/drawer kiddo thing is exactly what I was talking about in that comment. oh hell, let's just go now. What do you say? ;)

Anonymous said...

I work in the furniture industry and can tell you that IKEA is suffering much like the rest of the economy. As I understand it, they aren't opening any new stores in 09 or 10 as their sales are projected to be flat.

I would also say that more people have realize that IKEA furniture isn't all that sturdy and is very much disposable.

Molly said...

Boy... Me is a downer, eh?

Anna is creepy. And she's not a good listener. If you head to Chi town for an Ikea run, you know I'm available for bbsitting!

Maybe I'll go to Ikea...

Jenny and Aaron's Baby Blog said...

Poang chairs are awesome! We have two. :)

carolyntracy said...

We've got one in Minneapolis if you feel the need to come north to find your inner Swede. I would love to take an IKEA trip with you!