Thursday, November 06, 2008

Madeline is 18 months old!

Tuesday I taught all day long, then I stayed up way to late watching election news on TV. It was worth it though.

Tuesday was also Madeline's 18 month birthday! Remember last year when I made her 1/2 a cake? Back when I was a 'good' mother? Ok, I know I am a good mom... it was some light humor. Well I didn't get around to it this year. We did however have Jimmy John's for dinner. That is totally a celebration if you ask me.

So I am finally getting around to it. The last update post can be found here and much of the stuff talked about there is still accurate. So you can go back and refresh. I'll wait right here.

Madeline, pointing to the Mummy on her shirt.

Welcome back.

As for new info:

Gross Motor:
She is still dancing up a storm. She as mastered up and down stairs and can now climb the ladder at the playground near our house. On Monday she tried to climb a ladder at her uncle Bryan's new house. I wasn't there, but from what I heard she didn't get too far up. (Although I am sure she could have!)

Madeline is much more sure footed and runs with ease these days. Good for her, bad for me. She's as hard to catch as a greased pig at the county fair! Ok, not really but didn't that sound cool?!?!

This week she has started spinning in place and getting totally dizzy, then falling to the ground. I thought maybe she was playing ring around the rosy this way at day care, but when I sing the song she looks at me like, "what is your damage? I'm spinning here mom!" I am guessing that isn't it. She is still not jumping, but I know that is coming. She's still trying!

At the butterfly house with Madeline (Maddie) and Madeline (Maddy).

Fine Motor:
She still loves to draw. Although it isn't keeping her attention like it used to. I may have to mix it up and let her color odd stuff like paper towel tubes and paper plates.

She still prefers her fingers to a fork, but we have been giving her a spoon with her apple sauce or oatmeal and she manages that really well. That is until she gets fed up and shoves her hand in the bowl!

Momma and Mads, hanging with the "but-fies"
Please click on this photo to make it larger. We are totally out of focus, but I love it anyway. I love that face!

Language Development:
She is busting out new words every minute. Or at least it seems that way. I have recorded the ones I can remember below. Just like last time, I am going to list the real word and then her pronunciation in parenthesis.

bread (bed)
waffle (awful)
Rory or Ro Ro - a little girl at day care
pop - what a bubble does
apple sauce (apple suc)
green beans (geeen beeeen)
Blue note
puck (you don't want to know, but I am sure you can guess)
sleep (seep)
oh my
oh no - this is one of my favorites, when accompanied by "the face", I'll get it on video!
lock (ack)
please (pees)
a piece (a pees)
balloon (boon moom)
momma's or daddy's or maddy's
airplane (airbut)
bus (but)
Kathy (Kat E)
Elliot (El ut)
G.G. - Kevin's grandma
Ma -my grandma
fork (oak)
spoon (oon)
burp (buup)- totally one of my favorites!
bed (ed)
ho ho ho - what Santa Claus says
brush (bu sshh)
butterfly (but-fye)
shoe (oooo)
Lovies - what we say at bedtime as we are tucking her in
pasta (ah pa)
juice (ju sshh)
pretzel (pet sel)
pumpkin (pucket)
pancake (pnake)
kiki - what she calls her blanket, as blankie
whine - I said, "Maddy don't whine" She says, "WHINE!" in return. I was told.
turkeys (ukies)
high chair

And my least favorite?

Of course this doesn't include the first list that included 45 words which brings the grand total to 106! I know there are more. I'll update when I can.

Social Development:
Yesterday, when I dropped her off at Doodlebugs daycare, she ran right up to Rory and gave her a HUGE hug! She is also much more interactive with other kids at day care and her good friend Maddie! They are so cute together, even when they are fighting over the toys!

I don't know if this is really social, (maybe more emotional development) but she has gone to the bathroom in the toilet at least 5 times! Yesterday she told Kevin she had to pee and so he put her on the seat, and she did! It was a big moment. We celebrated with mini m&ms. Then before bathtime I put her on the toilet again and she peed AGAIN! No m&ms this time... she had just had a cookie. (I am going to have to write a post dedicated solely to my "word issues" in relation to toilet training. They are big issues. That post is coming. I can feel it in the air.)

Madeline eats just about everything still. She doesn't like rice or potatoes. I think it is just a texture thing. I am going to keep trying. She has finally given in to broccoli, but only if it is covered in cheese or cream sauce. It's a start right?

Madeline, with her "pucket" or pumpkin to you
Madeline goes to see her doctor on Friday so I will have official stats then. She is at least as tall as a Koala, according to the chart at the zoo!

As for teeth, she is working on her canines as we speak. It has been a rough week because of that. These are the first teeth that have really bothered her. Or more likely, it is the first time she has been able to understand and communicate where her pain is. Before she was just crabby. Now she is unreasonable at times. I love me some children's Tylenol!

That's it! You are all up to date. We are totally looking forward to this Christmas with our big girl! She is going to be so excited! Next year will be magical... this year is going to be pretty great though.



fern said...

She is adorable, and I am extremely impressed with her vocab list.

Now, onto your finances. I am thinking you capitalize on the current troll/mushroom popularity and start an etsy store selling your patented garden gnome satchels and other gear.

bridget said...

gosh, i think madeline eats more variety of foods than kevin!

mGk said...

hey Bridget....what about your son??? I eat 10 times the variety as he does.

Molly said...

Oh yeah? Well, I eat 100 times the variety of you! (is this really something we want to be bragging about pubicly?)

Terrific post, Mutz... warms a granny's heart!

Molly said...

I blew up that picture of her pointing to her mummy, and OMG. She looks like Great Granny Opal! The eyes! Wow... do you see it?