Monday, November 10, 2008

I'm back

But it doesn't look like anyone missed me anyway.*

The above statement is very representative of the mood I am in today. I am embracing my glass 1/2 emptiness today because I know tomorrow I have to go back to working on my 1/2 full mentality. Today I am wallowing in it. Soaking myself in a bath 1/2 full. Drinking until my thirst is 1/2 quenched. Eating until I am 1/2 full and whining until you are 1/2 sick of me.

Only a few more hours until tomorrow. I have to go wallow some more.

*Wow, that was a loaded statement wasn't it?!?! Do you feel guilty for not commenting yet???



Christy said...

Well, I just think you are wonderful for being so honest. And I hope your day gets more "glass 1/2 fullish!" I had a day like that yesterday and was cured by spending eleven dollars and 20 minutes at the thrift store. Do something for yourself that you love, even if it's just for ten minutes.

Sarah said...

I am glad your back and hope your day eithe ends soon or gets better. ;) Oh just chug the glass and be done with it, just to fill it up.

fern said...

I missed you! I did! But I will admit I absolutely love a day of wallowing in negativity. Sometimes it's so much fun!

It's your blog. Whine and complain all you want!

Michelle said... are having a pity party. But everyone has those days. I commented on three different posts last week so was hoping that would cover me! How was the girls weekend?

notawritersfather said...

Hey, at least you're not OLD. You know... like your Aunt Nora.

Ms. Bethie said...

I had a pity party on Monday too. Whine away! Hope today is better for you and that things look brighter. For me the day is better - even if the weather is crappy and gray. Hope you had fun over the weekend! Even if I don't comment much I always love reading your blog and staying up to date with you and your family. Miss you all very much!!!

themurderhour said...

Or, OLD like your father! Now that's OLD! (...and getting older by the day-like Thursday! -Yeah, that's it!)