Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Lula Belle

I have always been huge on nicknames. I have at least half a dozen myself. I am not very good at giving them normally, that is until I became a mother. Before we even knew our child was a Madeline, Kevin and I had chosen the name and we knew that we would shorten it to Maddy as a nickname. But I couldn't just stop there. This girl is so much more than a Maddy.

Madeline's nickname is Lula Belle.

Why Lula Belle? Well it took a while to get here. My mom calls my cousin Adeline, Adeloo. So she naturally started calling Madeline, Madeloo. Then I took that and changed it to Madelooloo. Then just Loo, then Lula and doesn't that just scream for a Belle? Say it out loud, "Lula." Then say "Lula Belle." Isn't that much better!?!?!

Sometimes I call her Talula Belle... but I don't want to infringe on Bruce and Demi. (They have a daughter named Talula).

It is the perfect name for her. And it is MY name for her, so don't try to call her that! It is all mine. (Wow, possessive much?!) I hope she will love it as much as I love the nickname I have from my mother. (It's Mutzie and yes, there is a story behind that one too!) I have a student who hates the pet name her family gave her. I hope that never happens. Because I think she will always be my Lula Belle.



bridget said...

you failed to mention this but i'm sure i've heard your mother refer to madeline as "madeloonie".

fern said...

I am this same way with nicknames! My kids have all gone through >10.

Molly said...

And I call Adeline "Adeloonie"...
"Adeloo" for short. Howsabout Madelouloubelle? I also call her Madelou-who. (Like Cindy-Lou-Who from the Grinch). umm... I think I know where you get this propensity for nicknames. Funny, though... I've never had a nickname (unless you count mean ones from my big brother).