Thursday, November 20, 2008

I have been in a funk. This happens at this time every year. The sun sets too early in the evening. The beautiful colors fall from the trees and turn a cruddy color of brown. The weather turns cold and I have to pack on the clothes and although I love my hoodie and sweats, I could do with out my coat. I feel stuck.

I'm stuck without sunshine. I'm stuck without color. I'm stuck in my darn coat.

I am fighting this funk really hard. In the past I have just succumbed to it but that does me no good. (just ask Kevin, I am no fun when that happens) I am trying to see the positive, be glass 1/2 full and soak up the sun when I can. So instead of focusing on what is wrong, I am going to focus on what is making me happy right now.

  • Madeline Opal. I mean she might be a crazy toddler, but when she walks up and gives you a kiss for no reason, I can't stop my hear from melting.
  • Kevin. I enjoy my time with him more than he knows.
  • Crafting has always been a way for me to get my mind relaxed and although I don't have much time I have found time over the past few days. I'll share photos some time soon.
  • Tea. I have a hot cup next to me now. Ahhh.
  • The semester count down. I only have three more days of classes for my regular semester classes. I have some really interesting students this semester. I wish I could share my stories with you all. Although I have one that I don't think anyone would believe. Maybe someday I can share... until then.
  • And this is making me feel better too.


Michelle said...

I was in a funk earlier this week too. Hang in there.

bridget said...

turn on all the lights in the house and buy yourself a big boquet of flowers for some color!

Molly said...

Put some whiskey in that tea darlin'!

heh heh heh. Nah, you better follow Aint B's advice.

bridget said...

Did Molly call me Aint B??? Well if I ain't B who is?