Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Toddler Lesson #3

Poo and Pooh may not be the same thing to you, but to a toddler there is no difference.

Toilet training is going well. So well in fact, Madeline 'Pooh'ed in the toilet this morning. And no, that isn't a misspelling.

For weeks we have been discussing, as best you can with an 18 month old, that pee and poop goes into the toilet. She has even been asking to sit on the toilet, and has successfully peed multiple times. Today, as Kevin was getting read to head to work she walked into the bathroom lifted up the lid and proclaimed "POO!" very proudly.

Milliseconds later her sweet Winnie the Pooh was hurled into the toilet. Gross. Boy am I glad the tag says its machine washable.



Sarah said...

My daughter did the same thing with her Mermaid.

See Post:

Michelle said...

Gross is right. Poor Pooh.

Profbaugh said...

Okay, I'm still laughing. Thanks for the *grin* today.

Molly said...

Ah... the literal mind of a child.

notawritersfather said...

I just heard from Eyore. Has anyone seen his tail?