Sunday, November 02, 2008

Why Blog?

I have been asked that question a lot. I have many different personal reasons. Fern sums one of those reasons up with ease. Go here and read this. Then check out her blog. Because she is also one of my reasons. I hope to be half as witty. Blog on Fern. Blog on.



fern said...

Oh, you are too kind. I can't believe the friendships I've built through blogging. Or maybe they are imaginary friendships. But when I check your blog and the other blogs on my list, I feel like I'm catching up with a good friend. It has helped stavve off the loneliness of living in a place where I don't know anyone!

Michelle said...

Mo: Does your friend Fern live in Atlanta? If so, we are in the same city! And we could do lunch or something. :)