Thursday, August 14, 2008

Madeline and Madeline

This is a longer post than I thought it would be...bare with me! It's mostly photos anyway!

Kevin, Madeline (Maddy) and I met Madeline (Maddie), Anna and Joe at MoBot yesterday for a great day at the garden! We had Gus's preztels for lunch, (thank you Anna and Joe!) and played for hours!

Madeline has discovered slides and LOVES them! Look at that crazy slide hair! I love it!

Maddie, being a mountain goat. Maddy, being a penguin. (What other animal slides?)

It wouldn't be a trip to MoBot without a visit to the Japanize garden and the Koi pond.
I love this photo. Maddy sure loves her Daddy! (I love him too!)

Peaking at the fishies.

Maddie, Anna, Joe, Maddy and Kevin hangin' with the Koi. Joe was the favorite, he had the food.

Love, love, love this photo!
Not as much as I love, love, love the two subjects of course!

Maddie was rocking her lolli-top! I love that little grin!

My husband really is a trooper. He has been to MoBot twice this summer... and although that isn't his favorite place in the world he is warming up to it. We went to the children's garden for the first time and he was impressed. It brought out the kid in him and I could see that he can't wait for Madeline to get more mobile so she can keep up with him as he climbs in the tree houses! It won't be very long!



bridget said...


RPS said...

Looked like loads of fun...I miss MoBot!

Molly said...

Maddie looks fabulous in that hat! What a fashion statement. I love it that Madeloony is loving the slides. What a nice day for all of you. And beautiful weather on top of it all. Makes me smile looking at the pictures... thanks!

j&j said...

wow-- there's a lot more to the gardens since the last time I was there! Looks like a fun day!

themurderhour said...

Hey, I have a pic of Molly on that slide! Check out my blog to see it.
Molly's going to LOVE that!