Friday, August 08, 2008


Happy 8.8.08 to all. Anyone else totally stoked about the Olympics starting today?!?! I am going to a jewelry party tonight, so I won't get to see all the opening festivities, but I can't wait to see all the coverage over the next few weeks. Normally I don't have the TV on during the day at all. But I think the Olympic will be the exception to this rule! WHOO WHOO!!

I feel a little behind in my blogging so let me catch you up. So Madeline spiked a fever of 103.6 on Tuesday afternoon. We took her to the dr. Wednesday morning and he said it was most likely a virus and although her throat was a little red her fever had gone away on its own and not to worry.

Thursday afternoon however I noticed a bunch of splotches on Madeline's neck. I lift up her shirt and she has a rash all over her torso! ARGH!! I call the dr. and they say it is probably b/c of the virus and fever she had on Tuesday and it should go away. This morning she still looks like this:
(click on the photo to make it larger... I know it is hard to see.)

She has red bumps all over her front and back, down in her diaper and on her face. They don't seem to be bothering her. She isn't scratching and she hasn't been particularly fussy but they look horrible.

She is using the thermometer as a phone. She kept saying, "hi Dada, hi Dada..."

When I call the dr. this morning they said that if she doesn't have a fever and if they don't get any worse they don't need to see her. Although that is good for my wallet (I don't need another $30 co-pay) it is not really good for my piece of mind. It is hard to see your baby looking like that!

Lounging on her sofa.

Although as you can tell from the photo above she is no worse for the wear. I didn't put her in clothes until after lunch today so she's been hangin' out in her dipe. I love nakey babies!



McGrath said...

Maz had the exact same rash and spent a few hours in the emergency room because her fever kept rising. The very next day she was a little tired but back to normal.

She is such a doll (rash and all!)

Sarah said...

Poor baby. ;( I hate it when kids are sick and the doc just says to ride it out.