Monday, August 25, 2008

Because I don't have enough to do already

If you haven't read the comments for the last post I suggest you do. It will explain this post and make you laugh. Go here to read them.

Molly is my mom. Bridget is my aunt; Molly's sister. They crack me up.

Without further ado, and because I don't have anything BETTER to do today...

The music in the back ground is my cousin Ryan's band, Rum Drum Ramblers... I have a clip of Maddy dancin' to the beats but that will wait for later... (Ryan is Bridget's son.)

For now Madeline and I are just hangin' at home today. The car is in the shop for a major service and b/c of weird electronic issues. (What is with our cars and electronic issues?) Anywho, I have a long list of chores I would like to get done today including finishing laundry, ironing (argh), cleaning the kitchen, and of course finishing lesson plans for tomorrow. And that is just the must do's not my optional list... that is much longer!

Off I go.



Molly said...

See? There IS nothing cuter than that! Thank you Mutzie!

(And what's up with Bridget typing in all caps (see comments on previous post)? It's like she's yelling.

Quit yelling, Bridget.

RPS said...

I say ditch the ironing. Love to hear those words from Madeline -- thanks for sharing during your busy day!

j&j said...

what a smartie! Way to go Madeline!!

And not to butt in the sister-war going on, but I agree that I thought Bridget was yelling. ;)

notawritersfather said...
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notawritersfather said...

So, will you do my lesson plans AND my ironing? Wait... I don't do any ironing. Wow. That makes your life easier, now that you don't have to do my ironing. I need the lesson plans by Tuesday.

bridget said...

ok...i'll use small letters, but our monitor is fuzzy and i can hardly read what i'm typing...we need a new monitor...what the heck, we need a whole new computer! so now i'm whispering. mo...didn't your mom ever teach you the happy homemaker ironing trick??? you put your clothes between your mattress and box spring and by morning they are pressed! i've never actually tried it, but your mom has! really!