Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Thanks Dad

Yesterday was kinda crazy. I taught and then ran some errands. Then because the weather was wonderful, I decided to take Madeline to the pool. I invited my dad, Poppy, to go along with us.

We had a grand old time. At one point my dad asked if I was wearing make up. I totally forgot that I was wearing mascara from teaching in the morning. Not water-proof of course. I asked how bad it was, and his answer, "Oh, not that bad."

I spent the next hour or so hanging out in the pool. I even approached a very stylish mom, to ask where she had gotten her swimming suit. (Because is was very cute.)

When I got home, this is the horror that I found:

Look at that hair! (I can assure you my new hair cut is so much cuter than that in "real" life!) And although it doesn't look so bad in this photo I can assure you that I look like I have two black eyes! No wonder the young lifeguard manning the pool house gave me a weird look when I told him the ladies room trashcan was full.

So thanks dad. Next time I'll make sure to wash my face first!



Molly said...

It really doesn't look that bad. And now you know... don't ask your dad! Find a woman and ask her. Like the lady in the cute bathing suit. She woulda told you the truth.

What? No swimming pictures??

Fern said...

You look fine!! Runny eye make-up just gives you the "I'm much too intellectual to be bothered with details like new eye make-up. You people are so pedestrian," look.

Michelle said...

Can we see pictures of the pre-pool very cute new haircut? And frankly, I think you look about like me at the end of every day. Isn't mascara supposed to be under your eyes? I thought that was the "in" look now. :)

Christy said...

Dads always say something like, "Oh, not bad."

mGk said...

Oh trust me... the photo doesn't do the horror justice. I do like the idea of running make up making me look more intellectual. I could use all the help I can get these days!