Saturday, August 02, 2008

Baseball and Beer

I have never had a beer at a baseball game. I don't really like the stuff, and why spent $8.50 for 12oz!!!! That has never stopped me from coming home from a game smelling of the stuff.

Yes, for the millionth time I had beer spilled on me. The guy behind me dropped his cup and it splattered all over my seat and down my back. I just looked at Kevin and started laughing. This is at least the fourth time I have had beer spilled on me in the last three years. (And one of those years we had series tickets in the last row of the upper deck...)

How many times has Kevin had beer spilled on him?

Never. In his entire life. Ever.

I used to come home from Blues or Cardinal games in high school scared that my mom would think I was out boozin' it up. I am a beer magnet and tonight was no exception.

Thank you to Beth and Bryan for the tickets. Really, thank you. We had a great time and they are great seats!



RPS said...

Glad the game was a good time -- minus the beer! And, you're about as confused as we are...looks like we'll be leaving in dec., but that's not set in stone yet so until we've got something concrete I'm not sure exactly when or exactly where. Ugh

Sarah said...

What crazy people are dropping wonderful beer. I guess they have had too many. ;)
Glad you enjoyed the game.

Christy said...

4 times?! Terrible! Wow, this happened to me at an Indigo Girls concert. Why would you drink beer at a IG's concert?

Also forgot to add the other day on your 100 things - I'm sorry you can never eat eggplant parmesian & that the "can admit when you're wrong" trait is not only a rare one but a wonderful one.