Monday, August 25, 2008

Happy Anniversary

One year ago today our friends Scott and Becky got married!

Since then, Scott went back to Iraq to finish his tour with the U.S. Army, Becky packed up their lives to be shipped to Hawaii, he came back and Becky moved to HI, they have successfully combined their lives, purchased a vehicle, survived an ant infestation, Becky has found a job, taken a million photographs and now have gotten word that at some point they will be going some where. (Don't you love the military and their "plans.") And, they still have smiles on their faces just like the ones below.

I'd say that is a successful first year of marriage. Congratulations!

**For Scott and Becky: Happy Anniversary! We know you can't be together on your special day, but know that we are thinking about you and hoping you both have a wonderful celebration when you are together next week. We love you! ~Maureen, Kevin and Madeline


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RPS said...

Thanks! Its hard to believe its been a year already, wow! We're still working on the ant thing...think its time for reinforcements. Hope you're hanging in there with the start of school, etc. Sounds like you love it though, which is great. Tell Miss Madeline hello for us!