Thursday, August 21, 2008


I am half way through my day and with the help of your comments and a boost from my mother I am doing ok. I haven't called Angie yet to see how Madeline is doing... I wanted to get the class stuff out of the way (e-mail, syllabus copied, etc.) but I am going to log out and go call right now. I am sure she is fine. Because of you I'm fine too.


j&j said...

glad you made it through! (I know you haven't posted that you did yet, but I know you and trust that you did it, 'cause I know you can!)
I can't say I "know" how you feel, but can imagine, and it can't be fun. But know that what you're doing is good for you, good for your family, and good for Madeline too.
I'm proud of you, and if I'm ever in the same situation, I know I'd feel the exact same way. (And I'll be calling you, and you'll be reassuring me. :))
love you friend. :)

RPS said...

Hope everyone had a good day all the way around. Thinking of you across the ocean!

Jodie Allen said...

parker loves doodlebuggs and i'm sure she will too!!!