Monday, April 11, 2011

Why yes, I did let them dress themselves.

Why do you ask?

Technically I dressed Lydia. She is wearing her pajamas but the rest she chose for herself.

Madeline, on the other hand, picked 100% of her outfit.

Holiday socks scream March to me. Don't they?

And the sweat pants under the terry shorts... fashion genius.

Who says more than two patterns is a no no? They never saw Madeline in her two different sets of horizontal stripes! Runway ready!

As for Lydia, need an easy way to change your outfit for the different seasons? Fleece vest on top for the cooler weather months... (and don't forget to exercise!)

and sandals on your feet for the spring and summer.

Oooooh La la!

And no, we did not leave the house. Although I guess posting these on the internet is actually worse... but they can resent me in 10 years if they want!


Elliot said...

Oh, they will.

Adrienne said...

Love it. Seriously though, have you seen some of the outfits that the "fashion houses" put on the models for the runway? I think your girls put together better outfits than those! Of course I do not claim to know anything about fashion- which may be slightly obvious to all who see me...

Fiance-Jeanne said...

They are so cute!!! Love their outfits!!! They are growing up too fast. I bet they had fun.

RPS said...

Looks like they made wonderful choices to me! ;-)

Molly said...

It's all worth it b/c it elicits funny comments from the mom. First they'll resent you for about a minute, then they'll laugh their fanny's off.

Michelle said...

Dev's favorite shirt is his Grinch shirt so he rocks it at least once a week. So in our house, M's socks are totally appropriate. :)