Saturday, April 30, 2011

Madeline's very big day

I skipped the Tuesday Ten this week for a very important reason.

Madeline had her spring concert.

Now if you have never been to a preschool concert you have never fully lived. Why you ask? Because the 40+ kiddos in Madeline's school invite their 200+ family members and we all crowd into the sanctuary of church to watch our little darlings sing songs and fidget with their clothing.

And they there are the mama and paparazzi, aka. the swarm of parents trying to get the money shot of their child. You know the one. Where they are smiling adorably and don't have a finger up their nose. Yep, that's the one.

Then the 40+ preschoolers and their 200+ family members crowd into the fellowship hall where these hyped up 2-5 year olds are then presented with a table full of sweets just minutes from bed time. (or after bedtime in the case of my little sleepy darlings!)

OH and the PUNCH!! It isn't a church function without punch! Red punch which ends up mostly on the carpet or clothing. I don't know if I've ever ACTUALLY tasted church punch... Hmmmm...

It is truly a cultural experience.

But I digress... This post is about Madeline right? Right.

To say that Madeline was excited about her concert was an understatement. Kevin and I have learned when it comes to events it is best to give Madeline very few details and general time frames.

For example: Her birthday is coming up so we keep telling her it is next week but give her no more details than that.

But this concert was the talk of the classroom and she was amped up to the max for it. She started asking the previous week when her concert was and if we could go now and who was going to be there and what she was going to wear and what treats we were going to bring and if there were other parents and if they were all there to watch her and if she could wear tights and what the temperature was going to be and if all her friends would be there and what color the carpet was and how long we would all stay and and and

Catch my drift?

By 2pm the day of the concert Madeline was already in full on crazy mode. Jumping up and down, talking non stop and asking the above questions just at the rate of the micro machines guy.

By 3pm she took it upon herself to get dressed in her "fancies." Even after I explained that she had to STOP JUMPING UP AND DOWN if she was going to be wearing fancy clothes. (This kinda worked.)

By 4pm she was pacing the floors and asking every 20 to 30 seconds when we were going to be leaving.

At 5pm we were having dinner and she temporarily forgot about the excitement to come but by 6pm she was back in full out BRING IT! mode. (It is imporant to note that during dinner Madeline went the the bathroom three times.)

At 6:30pm (after visiting the rest room one more time) we left her in her classroom with her teacher who afterwards told Kevin that she was literally bouncing off of the furniture. (The teacher made note of this because this unusual behavior for Madeline at school... at home all bets are off.)

At 7pm the program started.

skidamarinky dinky dink, skidamarinky do

I love you!

I don't know if you can tell from her flailing hands, but Lydia was impressed and very entertained!

It is at this point, a little more than half way through her program that Madeline runs out the side door with her teacher. Why? So she can go to the bathroom! Ugh.

But she returned to finish the show with flair!

Madeline was fantastic.

By 7:10pm it was all over.

We stayed just long enough to eat a cookie and thank her teachers and then we were out of there. Madeline was so proud of herself but not as proud as we were. It is amazing to see how fearless she is. She knows no stranger and loves to perform with her class mates. What an amazing love for life this girl has. She teaches me more about living each and every day. Amazing.

Oh and what did 8pm look like?


gigit said...

I LOVE this!!!
I did want to offer some advice since your discriptions of Madeline bring back memories of Jessica at that age. Who am I kidding. Jessica still at 20. Anyway, I used to hang a large desk type calender on the wall with the day of a big event clearly marked. Jessica was aloud to mark off the day that had just past every morning to count down. She was the refered back to her calender to count down the day any time she ask the barriage of questions about when the day was coming. It helped some. Maybe it can help you.

Adrienne said...

Very nice description. Love her dress!

Molly said...

This made me laugh out loud. She didn't even get tucked into bed, just keeled over with a book in hand. I love that girl.