Tuesday, April 05, 2011

The Tuesday Twenty, vol. XIII and XIV

I missed last week, so I am going to try to do twenty this week.

Wish me luck.

After weeks and weeks and weeks of illness I finally feel like we are all mostly healthy. The girls still have slight coughs and I worry about Lydia because she can't tell me if she is feeling unwell, but I really just think we all need a few more good nights sleep and we'll have kicked this junk out the door.

I recently bought a pair of shoes that are biodegradable. I was worried they'd melt in the first rain, but they are surprisingly sturdy. :)

I am watching What Not to Wear on TLC and although I'd love to go on that show I am realizing that I am not nearly enough of a mess to be a guest. Although the idea of having money and guidance to build a whole new wardrobe is a fantasy.

Saturday was Olive's 9th birthday. It is hard to believe that she has been our kitty for 7 years. (We got her when she was *estimated* two years old.) Madeline and Lydia picked out some treats for her and I gave her a very thorough brushing, her favorite.

Our best friends had a baby a week ago and she is totally adorable. (See for yourself.) It is taking all of my restraint to not pack up this circus and head for Georgia.

My next 48 hours is crazy busy and I am kinda stressed out. But it is all fun stuff and I just can't let go and enjoy it. I have about 12 hours to start having fun. I need to get with the program.

Madeline's birthday is fast approaching. I have been working on her friend party (her first one, eep!) invitations and I am beyond excited about them. I love party planning.

What to assure your children develop hearing loss? Buy them this toy. Madeline played with it today and I am pretty sure she is now partially deaf. It will be re-hidden in the closet asap.

Speaking of which, my master closet is eating at me. I have a one foot square to stand in there. It is about time for yet another clean out. Anyone else have one area of their house that is the catch all for the stuff you don't know where to go to when you have guests over? No. just me huh?

TEN! I'm half way there! I can do this... maybe!

I am kinda obsessed with Harvest Cheddar Sunchips. They are delicious.

My feet are freezing.

I got this book in the mail today. I am very excited to start reading it, but I know I am going to need Kleenex nearby!

I recently got a new to me sewing machine and am really enjoying the simple projects I've been able to create with it. That being said, I need to work on some new projects but I feel like I've maxed out my skill set. I bought a pattern to make dresses for the girls, but I am so confused by it. It is intimidating.

I only have 24 minutes to publish this. Eeep!

When Madeline was little her hair was super curly. This meant it stayed out of her face without much fuss. Lydia on the other hand has very little curl in her hair. I am constantly swiping it out of her eyes. Why not put a bow on her? Because it ends up in her mouth. I think, no, I know, she does it to get my goat. This little stinkas know how to push momma's buttons early.

Do you watch Jimmy Fallon? I wish he wasn't on so late. He is freakin' hilarious! He's the reason I am not going to post this before midnight.

I have at least 5 loads of laundry in need of folding. Two are left over from last week. I hate laundry.

I discovered the instagram app for my phone this week. I am obsessed. I'll have to do a post with my favorite photos soon. They are awesome.

There you go... the Tuesday Twenty. I hope I never have to do this again!


Ms. Bethie said...

Oh goodness! The toy in #8 - my niece and nephew have/had that and we let the batteries die out and didn't replace them. Oops! :) Good job on the making it to 20 - it was good this week. Hope your family is finally better! Been thinking about you guys and wishing your family would get better. Talk to you later.

Michelle said...

Glad everyone is on the mend. I'm not even going to try and do 20!

Adrienne said...

Ah ha! I finally figured out that I can have your post right next to where I am typing my comments. No more, "oops, I forgot to say something about..."!

1. I LOVE watching WNTW. Whenever we are anywhere that has cable I also hope it is on. I have to admit, that most of the other shows I have seen advertised on there do NOT look good.

2. I need to brush my cat.

3. Biodegradable shoes?

4. I also love those chips. Now I want some. Thanks.

5. My child apparently (from his pretend play) knows how to use an iPhone and an iPad. His momma's phone doesn't even connect to the internet.

6. It's been 12 hours since I tried to start my comments. I just now got back to it. I give up. Very very impressed that you were able to do 20.