Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Lydia- 2 months (and a fried egg)

On Saturday Lydia celebrated her 2 month birthday. I know it is cliche, but it is hard to believe that 1) that much time as passed because it seems like just yesterday she was born and 2) that it has been such a short period of time because it is almost impossible to remember what life was like before she was here.

December 9
She almost looks like a doll in this photo.

Height: 24 3/8 inches (off the charts)
Weight: 11 # 12 oz. (75th percentile)

*taken at her 2 month check up on Dec. 17th.

December 9
Oh how I love her faces!

Lydia is a pretty easy going baby. She is easy to sooth and very content to sit in her bouncy seat or on the floor as long as there are people around for her too look at. She loves to be held facing away from the person holding her. She just wants to see the world around her. She also has amazing head control and has since the day she was born. She loves to sit up (with support from an adult of course) and has been holding herself up in a seated position for the past few days.

December 9
All smiles!

She smiles and coos frequently now. She smiles the biggest for Madeline and loves watching her sister play around her. (Although Madeline has started telling me to just put Lydia down and play... "don't hold her mommy, play!") I keep trying to get her "talking" on video and as soon as I do I'll post that. Her jabbers and coos are adorable. Madeline was a very talkative baby and I am thinking Lydia will be too!

Getting ready for the big guy:

December 20

As for the big question:

How is she sleeping?

It could be worse. She still cat naps throughout the day. Some days it seems like she sleeps all day. Other days she seems more alert, but no matter the situation, she is sleeping in one or two larger stretches at night. We've had two nights in the last week and a half (not consecutive) where she slept for a 6 hour block. Most of the time she sleeps for 4-5 hours, nurses and then sleeps another 2-3 hours. Our biggest problem right now is that she doesn't really go to bed until much later than we want her too.

Like tonight: she was up from 5pm to 9 pm almost straight. Then I nursed her and she fell asleep at 9:20pm. I attempted to put her in her crib in her room (which she has been in since she was 6 weeks old) but she woke up in less than 5 minutes. I rocked her back to sleep and put her down again at 10:10pm. She woke up crying in less than a minute. So I nursed her one more time and she was in bed at 11:10pm sleeping peacefully. We'd love to have her just sleep in her bed from 9-11pm even if she isn't down for the night. I'd just like to have my arms free for a little while. (see my previous post!)

In short, she is lovely. So far she is easy to love and easy to care for, just like her sister was at this age. I feel so very lucky to have had two such peaceful and easygoing infants. I only hope Lydia doesn't follow Madeline's footsteps at the age of 2 1/2. But that is a whole other post!


And totally unrelated to ANYTHING normally posted on this blog:

I found an egg with a double yolk this week. That has to be good luck or something doesn't it?!?!? Kevin ate it. He assures me it was yummy.



Elliot said...

I have a theory about the egg.

Well, more about the picture than the egg. You mentioned in your previous post that you couldn't remember what you had for breakfast...and then you posted a fried egg. That is your subconscious telling you to document your breakfast so you always remember what you ate.

Gina said...

My friend got a double yolk in an egg right before she got pregnant with twins. So be careful. Just sayin'. ;)

Bridget said...

Hmmmm...Do you think Kevin will get pregnant with twins? Now that would be something to blog about.

Molly said...

What a sweet little face Miss Lydia has in her Santa outfit photo. She is a doll!