Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Adios Sugar Maple

Note: I have no idea why but I can't get the captions to format near the pictures so I apologize in advance.

Way back in the day, otherwise known as early March, our house was caught in a pretty strong wind storm that took out a large portion of a large maple tree in our back yard. After consulting with a few tree guys it was determined that it would be best if the tree was removed. We hated to see it go, but without yearly maintenance it was unsafe to leave up. It fell on the play set in March and the parts left were the ones that would have fallen on either the house/deck, or our cars. We got lucky the first time and we didn't want to tempt fate. The tree removal was a multi-day process and kept the girlies more entertained than I would have imagined.

We knew the tree was big but it wasn't until the stump was exposed that we realized just HOW large it was.

Once the tree came down Madeline asked me how old it was. When I told her I didn't know she told me we needed to go out side and count its annual rings. I had no idea she even knew about the rings on a tree so I was impressed. Kids really are sponges and take in way more information that we give them credit for. Poppy was kind enough to help us count them. Our estimation was about 85 years old!

We are sad to see it go. It provided way more shade and wind protection than we realized. We have plans to plant another tree but in a different spot. Any suggestions? I want it big, Kevin isn't so sure... any thoughts?


Bridget said...

talk to uncle naturelove...he can answer all your tree/plant questions.

Molly said...

What B. said...