Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone!

Today we:
  • let Madeline climb into bed with us so we could squeeze a little more sleep out of our morning (it didn't work)
  • hunted eggs filled with 'um-nums' (Lydia's word for M&Ms) left by the Easter bunny
  • ate bacon and eggs for breakfast
  • had a "lazy" morning around the house with sugared up squirrels running from room to room
  • spent lunch with Kevin's family and had a truly lovely time as the girls were spoiled and sugared up
  • ate ham
  • went straight to dinner with my family where the girls were spoiled some more and given more sugar
  • ate more ham
  • AND I got a photo of the four of us! This is HUGE. (for me at least...)
I'd say it was a pretty awesome day.

How did you celebrate this wonderful day?

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