Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Where I reitterate: home ownership isn't for the weak hearted

What a week we've had.

Sunday night a potentially tornado forming storm we woke the squirrels up from their oh so important beauty sleep to hang out in our basement. I told them it was a fun adventure. I lied.

After getting them back into bed Kevin discovered that the 70+ mph winds felled 1/3 of the silver maple in our back yard. Falling on the play set in our back yard and revealing the severe amount of rot in the tree.

The play set will be ok. It wasn't smashed, just knocked severely out of whack. Fingers crossed it is easy to rectify. The slide however is toast. (Which reminds me, what in the hell are plastic slides so expensive?!?!? We priced a new one, thinking it would be between $5-=$75 bucks. Nope, $160! It makes me sick to even think about it. I digress.)

The tree is not so lucky however. Although we don't want to get rid of the tree (and we especially don't want to pay for removal) based on the amount of rot in the tree it is just a matter of time before more of the tree comes down and we may not be as lucky (if you count falling on the play set lucky) next time. We'd hate to have the tree come down on the deck, or the house, or the cars. So it is coming down.

What a miserable start to our week.

Then today. Oh today. At 2pm the water main broke on our street. We have been without water since. It is now 8 hours later and there is still NO SIGN OF THE WATER COMPANY!!!!!!!!!!! They told us when we called this afternoon that the water would be back on within 8 hours. That is 10pm. So when we called them back at 8pm to find out what was going on they told us it would be back on within 8 hours.

So who knows when we will have water service back. Oh, what a week.


Molly said...

patience dear! you'll have water in a mere 8 hours!

Michelle said...

Sometimes, like when our hot water heater broke and leaked all over our basement, or when we had to pay someone a frightening amount of money to get critters out of our attic, I wonder why I ever thought renting wasn't for me.

Hang in there. Hoping you got to shower this morning. And water the squirrels and the dying tree. :)

Adrienne said...

Oh ugh. No water? That is so frustrating. Hope it comes back on quickly!