Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lydia is 9 months old

9 months.


Lydia is 9 months old.

I mean really? Really.

She was given a clean bill of health yesterday at the doctor's office. 70th percentile for height. 30th for weight. (she is shorter by an inch and lighter by 10 oz. than her sister at the same age.) Perfect in every way he knows to assess her.

She is a total love. She loves to give hugs and kisses.

She is a momma's girl. She clings to me whenever we are out in public, like she is afraid I'm going to trade her in. (never going to happen) Even though her love for me is apparent she is totally enamored with her daddy and big sister. She loves them with all her heart and now that she can crawl she follows her sister from room to room. For the longest time Kevin was the only person she'd give kisses to. I was totally jealous.

Her *smile* is hilarious.

See, I told you so. She just started making this face this weekend and hasn't let up a bit. Total cheese ball but how can you not love that face?!? It kept Aunt Beth and Uncle Bryan laughing for a very long time.

Finally, nothing makes me happier than seeing my girls love each other.

Now that Lydia is mobile Madeline is finally seeing Lydia as a potential playmate. I am often telling Lydia not to grow up so fast. And although right now Lydia is a threat to Madeline's games and toys M has also quick to correct me and make sure I know Lydia must grow up so she can play and so that Madeline can teach her everything she knows. Now that is love.

Lydia is crawling with abandon. She pulls up on most everything and has gotten into anything within her reach. She loves playing with the play whisk in the playroom kitchen and the Dora the Explorer microphone. I prefer the quiet whisk to the grating microphone but that is motherhood.

She has two teeth, the second popping through just this morning.

She has the bluest eyes in our family.

Most days I think her hair will be stick straight like mine, but every once in a while it looks like it might want to curl like Madeline's did.

She naps twice a day without fuss.

She hates going to bed at night. (In fact tonight we cried it out for the first time and it sucked and I don't want to talk about it because I don't even know where to begin so I won't because she is asleep now anyway. Sigh.)

Her lovies are her kiki (blanket) and a stuffed manatee. Although it seems she prefers the stuffy to the kiki for now.

She loves chicken. She doesn't like yogurt.

She is still nursing three times a day. I love that time with her but wonder how much longer it will last. (if you remember I nursed Madeline for 366 days... I wonder if Lydia will wean then too. Half of me wants my body back, half of me doesn't want to loose that bond.)

She is happy almost all of the time.

She loves the pool and the bathtub.

I call her my little punk-a-poo.

I can't believe she is 9 months old.
*All photos were taken with my phone so I apologize for the poor quality.



kalai selvi said...
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Annie Coleman Rothenberg said...

I love the update! The picture of the two of them in their matching outfits is so sweet. It must be so special to see their bond.

Molly said...

I love these posts... Thanks Mutzie!