Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Tuesday Ten (on Thursday), vol. XV

I am late again with my Tuesday commitment. Ah life.

I have kid birthday parties on the brain. I am way more excited about this kind of stuff than I should be. Especially since there are all of three other kids coming to Madeline's birthday party in a few weeks.

Lydia is a challenge lately. She spends a lot of time following me around the house requireing my full attention. I feel loved and smothered. I can't be pleased.

The weather here has been divine the last two days! In the 70s and sunny. We've spent quite a bit of time outside taking it all in. The rain sets in tomorrow. Ugh.

I was the mommy helper at Madeline's preschool today. I am exhausted and have come to the hard conclusion that I really don't like kids. That is unless they are mine, or very well behaved.

Of course I am kidding.


I feel like I have a ton on my plate right now when in reality I've been a heck of a lot busier in the (even recent) past. I just hating feeling this disorganized and out of control. I could do something about that. I could.

I recently discovered Pinterest and I am hooked. A way to visually capture and organize everything I find on the internet? Yes, please and THANK YOU!!

I painted my toes this week and it makes me feel more like a human being. They are a lovely shade of hot pink.

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Michelle said...

1. I'd like to see photos of your hot pink toes...I'm having pedicure envy--even if it's only a home pedicure.
2. Dev had a bad dream last night. I'm tired.
3. Bharath and Devon are making french toast for dinner tonight. I love not cooking. :)
4. I had to break out a maternity shirt today. Thank goodness I still fit in my regular jeans. I'm going to have to buy some warm weather maternity clothes as I've officially exhausted what I own
5. I'm tired, did I mention that?
6. My new job means lots of free lunches. I love that about my new job.
7. Devon has a friend at school whose mom and I cross paths a lot but we've never been introduced (that I can remember). She knows my name though and I don't have any idea what her name is. It makes me feel guilty every time.
8. Bharath was assigned to find out her name, but has failed me.
9. I need to clean my house this weekend. I wish we had a housekeeper. And a cook. And a gardener.
10. What are you doing for M's bday party? I'm sure there is a theme.