Monday, March 07, 2011

Many Moons Ago

Weeks ago I took a million photographs of my squirrels in order to get two usable photographs for Valentines Day.

So as not to mislead you into thinking that my children are in fact perfect in every way and sit, smile and are even remotely still on command I give you the out takes.

I call this the "I think I'm gonna sneeze" shot.

"What is that in your hand?" shot.

"Who invited him*?" shot.

"Mom, I have a hair on my tongue" shot.

"Mom might be missing an eye, but at least I'm cute" shot.

"Not him again?" shot.

"Man are we cute but I should really be wearing makeup" shot.

So in order to gain Madeline's compliance on this entire ordeal, I told her that if I could take pictures of her for 5 minutes she could direct me for five minutes.

This is her artistic vision of a valentines day photo shoot.

The girl is an artistic visionary. Santa and play toast on a plate. She is going to make tens. I'm sure of it.

Then we played with the camera's timer and I handed her my remote shutter**. You can see it in some of the photos below. This activity was wildly popular and I am a bit disappointed that I didn't think of this earlier in the winter. She was highly entertained and I found the photos highly entertaining. Win-Win.

That second to last one cracks me up every time.

*Meet Mr. M. He comes to play with us on Monday's so you might see him around the bligity-blog from time to time.

**It is simply a remote that operates the camera's shutter so you can move freely with a fixed camera. (It is also how I took the family photos from this post.)


Adrienne said...

Love it. Although sadly, your "out takes" are still better than most of my "good enough" pictures. Further proof that you are awesome.

Michelle said...