Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Tuesday Ten, vol. XI

Lydia woke up 110% better than she was yesterday. Her eyes have cleared up and she was a happy smiley girl all day long.

I cut my finger whilst making myself a sandwich, yep a sandwich. I am trying to type with a band-aid on my finger and it is stupid difficult.

We are currently watching a history channel show about if a presidential book of secrets exists. They can't say presidential book of secrets without sounding ridiculously dramatic. I giggle every time.

The Warblers sang Blackbird, one of my favorite songs of all time, on Glee tonight. It was lovely. Not as good as the original, but I liked it.

Yep, I watch Glee.

I'm ok with that.

It snowed yesterday only confirming my desire, no need, for spring. Like, now.

The only problem is that my feet are totally NOT ready for flip flop weather. I just last week removed the last of the toe nail polish that was applied on August 4th of last year. It was a sliver of paint, but still. I want a pedicure like no body's business! If I had unlimited funds that is totally something I would treat myself to. I love having my nails done (both feet and hands) but can't justify the expense. Maybe some day.

Madeline has been talking about taking swimming lessons lately and informed me today that she can't go swimming until she has lessons. Why? Because it is against the rules and just wouldn't be safe. That girl is so much my daughter it is scary sometimes. She's my little rule follower.

I feel like sewing something, but I have no idea what project to start. Any suggestions?


gigit said...

Can I like comment #3? As for what to sew...sundresses in bright summer colors!!!! The are simple, fast and help cure the winter blues.

Adrienne said...

1. I too cut my finger, something silly - can't remember what. Just a shallow slice, but annoying, bloody, and painful. (That last could be bloody painful as well.)

2. Spring is here in our little corner of the world! Lots of robins. Snow mostly melted.

3. Unfortunately, spring here in NE NE means wind. Currently at nice steady 26 mph breeze. We did not go for a walk today.

4. Arrgh, I just checked the forecast...chance of freezing drizzle and then rain for the next few days.

5. I hate mud. There is a distinct lack of concrete around me. Thus lots of mud.

6. I also hate Asian Lady Beetles. Now that it is warm, they are starting to emerge from hibernation. I have to vacuum most of the house everyday.

7. At least Madeline's insistentces (yes I made that word up) make sense. Alexander was insisting that I not melt the cheese when I make him a grilled cheese sandwich. He ended up with a hotdog for lunch instead.

8. Family pictures on Saturday. Could be interesting.

9. I really really really hope the current "Bachelor" couple makes it. (I always hope they will, and yet...)

10. SO glad Lydia is better. We are all currently well. Currently. Preschool teacher informed me today that she sent two (more) kids home with fevers. Sigh.