Tuesday, March 08, 2011

The Tuesday Ten, vol. X

This was hard this week. Promise to be more cleaver in the future...

Laissez les bons temps rouler!

Happy Mardi Gras! I celebrated this "holiday" by eating leftover Cajun Chicken Pasta. It wasn't nearly Cajun enough for my taste and much better as a second day dish than it was last night when I originally made it.

After last week's storm and a tree falling in our yard crushing the slide on our play structure we were very surprised to receive a new one today at no charge. It's a long story, but we were very happy to catch a break after a few weeks of stressful events. Thank you Leisure Time Products!

We are currently watching Chicago on TV and I forgot how much I love that movie. Richard Gere as Billy Flynn? Genius!

Why is choosing a preschool classroom so difficult? I mean why in the world are there so many choices and WHY is it so hard? Please someone tell me the right choice to make. Please?

Is it spring yet? I miss being able to feel my toes (because they are always cold) and sunshine.

Increasing the amount of water you drink in a day means frequent trips to the bathroom leaving your children more time to destroy things in your absence. Not a consequence I could have projected but a reality none the less.

Charlie Sheen = train wreak I can't stop watching

I am kinda embarrassed about #7. Don't hold it against me. I just have really poor taste in reality TV and this week has been like gold for reality junkies like me.

I'm even more embarrassed about #8.

I think I'll end the embarrassment here. 'night!


Adrienne said...

Wow! It is not a week later and I am leaving my ten. Something must be wrong.

First, I know it was a typo, but you are already totally "cleaver" and I mean it in the best way possible - she was one of the best TV moms. I think you are quite clever normally.

1. Yes, spring would be most welcome here. There is snow on the ground again. Disgusting.

2. The sky matches the ground. Very dreary day. How about a little sun, please?

3. Caroline is getting better at grabbing...hair, Paul's dinner, what have you.

4. Speaking of hair, she is finally getting some to grow back in. Has to be the right lighting, but it is coming back! The bald spot is lessening. The mohawk is a different story.

5. My child will soon be a preschool drop out. I cannot get this fever to go away!

6. What do you mean "choose a preschool room"? I was just glad that the preschool here in town had a spot!

7. Send me the cajun chicken recipe please. On the same area of the country line, I made Emeril's chicken marsala this weekend. Very yummy.

8. It was missing something...cayenne pepper. I rarely use that spice. It showed. I opened it up to measure some out. Mealworms. I didn't know that was possible. They apparently like things kicked up a notch! (sorry if that was gross)

9. Your girls are adorable.

10. I would say something bad about the hollywood watch tv shows, but really, Charlie Sheen is doing this to himself. My bet is manic cycle. Don't feel bad, Maureen. I've been watching the Bachelor. I always hope it works out for them (and it never does...)

mGk said...

I am constantly misspelling that word. It's a habit I guess ugh. And also, if you mouse over where it says Cajun chicken pasta in my post it is hyper linked to the pioneer woman recipe. Enjoy!

Michelle said...

My late 10:
1. Devon asked me to "sleep on the floor" next to him last night. His floor is wood. Wood isn't warm. Or soft. I was glad when he fell asleep and I could go to my warm soft bed.
2. Devon woke up at 4:30 this morning. He wanted to keep "sleeping" but wanted mama to "sleep on floor" again. Dada wasn't an option. See No. 1.
3. You might wonder why we didn't "cry it out." I am not a fan. Devon has some serious will power. And I was tired.
4. Today was day 3 at my new job. I still think it was a good move so that's a good sign.
5. My office is the size of a closet. I'm determined to make it a warm and cozy closet.
6. It's raining and cold today. I miss the sun.
7. Dev's current school has a good preschool program. After reading your post I'm glad he can just go there. Unless I am just ignorant about preschools.
8. I wrote 2 letters (real snail mail) tonight. They are addressed AND stamped. I"m pretty proud of myself.
9. I was feeling a bit left out about my siblings having out together today w/o me. Until my mom told me they had been fighting with each other all day. Then I was kind of glad to be at work. :)
10. I'm totally grossed out by A's mealworms in her spices! Yuck and gross!

Adrienne said...

You and me both, Michelle. Although I'd like to point out that all the rest of the spices (of which I have many) are totally fine. I checked.

Oh and Maureen, after I commented I did realized that you had the recipe linked and so I went and looked at it. Looks good.