Monday, March 14, 2011

World's Worst

Warning: If you have a weak constitution, have trouble dealing with illness or your heart breaks when you see a miserably sick kiddo I'd say this post isn't for you. It doesn't involve vomit, so at least it has that going for it.

Last week the squirrels had colds. They weren't too bad and in fact neither of them ever had a fever or developed the cough that so many of the kiddos seem to be hanging onto for weeks on end.

Then came Friday. Friday I noticed Lydia had a little gunk in her right eye before bedtime. Not to bad and I wiped it away and that was that. Saturday it was still there, but not too bad and I only wiped her face two or three times. Yesterday it spread to both eyes and was a fairly constant stream of ick. I called the Dr's exchange (I swear childrens immune systems have a clock that is set to only go off during the doctors no working hours...) and ultimately decided to bring her in to the doc this morning.

The diagnosis? A sinus infection that is "seeping" out of her eyes to release the pressure. Of course after her visit and the first dose of antibiotic she got worse. (Which I know happens all the time, but it is still hard to see my baby so unhappy.) She woke up early from her nap with a 100.4 fever feeling and looking all around gross. Until this afternoon Lydia hadn't run a fever at all.

So world's worst sinus infection? Maybe not. Grossest I've seen? Heck yeah. After her second dose of antibiotics and a round of fever reducer she was almost back to her normal cheerful self this evening. I just hope she doesn't wake up with her eyes matted shut again in the morning. Yuck.

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gigit said...

Having been where this poor baby is I can tell you that steam helps. I have a face steamer which I pretty much lived sitting over for days. She is probably much to young for that but maybe you could steam up the bathroom or something.