Tuesday, March 01, 2011

The Tuesday Ten, vol. IX

10 things I ♥ about Madeline

When she smiles at me like the photo above I just can't say no to her. Please don't tell her that. She would use it against me.

I love the way she "coughs" and "sneezes" to get sympathy, gain attention and, I think, relieve stress in new situations.

I love how helpful and loving she has become with her sister.

I love when she blows kisses to me at bed time. There are always four. One for my cheek, and three to put in my pocket for Kevin, Lydia and Olive.

She loves to cook just like her momma.

I love the way she says "Wydia." It melts my heart and I am savoring that little speech snafu because I know one day we'll wake up and it will be gone along with the last little traces of my little baby girl.

Madeline makes up songs to narrate her day. Just today I heard her making up a song about cleaning up the blocks in the playroom. They were being bad and she was sending them to their "room."

"I know just what to do!" is her favorite phrase.

She is teaching me patience. I lesson I desperately need and am still working to master. My guess is she will continue this lesson for years to come.

I love the way she laughs at her own jokes. They are the worst jokes I've ever heard but she thinks they are the funniest bits of language ever.


Michelle said...

Love the photo!

Adrienne said...

Michelle beat me to it. Cuteness personified. What a sweet mommy you are. Love the list.

Molly said...

I love all those things about Maddy, too. :)