Saturday, August 29, 2009

By the time I get around to relaxing at night all of my clever has been used up

Why do I say this? I have pulled up a new post page three times since Monday and NONE of them resulted in a published post. Heck, I'm not even sure this one is going to make the cut!

So instead of drone on about how tired I am and how much I suck b/c I can't even post on my blog that like 3 people read I am going to give you some highlights of the week.

  • I took a nap every day this week. It was awesome. I didn't get to today and it is NOT awesome.
  • I feel ginormous but everyone keeps telling me I look great. Somehow that doesn't make me feel less huge.
  • I am teaching again and by the end of a 3 hour lecture my throat hurts and I'm cross eyed. I think maybe teaching at night while 8 months pregnant isn't the BEST idea in the world. You live, you learn.
  • Madeline expressed interest in using the toilet this week. Baby steps right? I am still not taking her out of diapers. No way... No how. She has to have a proven track record of being dry before I risk my carpet and furniture. (and there is also the whole poop thing... which I won't blog about...YET.)
  • I have eaten at least 96 oz. of cottage cheese in the last three weeks. I can't get enough of that stuff. It is like pure gold.
  • Kevin has worked more nights in the last two weeks then he did in the last two years. We miss him, but we do get to see him more during the day so that is a good thing.
  • I think Facebook was created by evil people to make me waste time caring about the status of people I haven't spoken to, face-to-face, in many many years. It's like social networking crack. I just have to check one more time before bed, just in case that kid I took biology with in the 12th grade updated his status for the 40th time today.
  • Madeline has been napping well and sleeping for 12+ hours a night. I know that by blogging this, it means I have jinxed it and she will stop sleeping altogether.
  • I hate heartburn.
  • We had two awesome play dates this week. (Thank you Anna/Madeline and Becca/Rachel/Leo!) I was totally exhausted by both of them. Madeline could have played for many more hours.
  • I am so tired my eyes keep closing.
  • Last night I had a dream that I had the baby and then left it in the car when I went into Babies r Us to get a bath tub and when I got back to the car a gang of little old ladies were yelling at me and hitting me with their purses. So I cried. Think maybe I'm not psychologically ready to have two kids? Nope, I didn't think so...
Ok, I hope you enjoyed my ramblings. I sure did. I have more posts in the works, in both draft and just in my head format. Once the weekend is over I will get around to it... maybe. Until then, enjoy the rest of your weekend!



Gina said...

Obviously, your clever has not been used up. I am with you on the Facebook crack. It's ridiculous. And I had a recurring dream when I was pregnant with Logan that I would leave him home in his crib when he was sleeping to run an errand and then while out, I'd FREAK OUT and have to race back home, hysterical. Nice.

Molly said...

Ahhh... motherhood & hysteria. They're like peanut butter & jelly. Love the dream.

Ms. Bethie said...

Hope things are going well for you besides the dream. You'll do fine with two children. At least that's my opinion. Anyway keep up the ramblings you are doing better at keeping people updated with your life than I am ;-) Thanks for the post!

bridget said...

I see that I'm the 4th person to, see, you do have more than 3 readers! I also have to agree with your critique of facebook. I have this sister who is addicted and keeps trying to make me take a bite of it...I refuse...I have better ways to waste time! Oh, and did I mention you look fabulous???!!! True!

Michelle said...

Time for a new photo. I'm sure you do look great but I promise to be honest and tell you if you look ginormous. And getting a nap can change my entire outlook on a day. It's one of the reasons I remember college so fondly. Even law school....big sigh (b/c now I want a nap).

Nana's Lady said...

...hitting you with their purses!?! That really made me laugh!