Friday, August 14, 2009

Madeline is 2 years old.

Madeline is 2 years old.

Madeline is 2 years old.

That is my mantra right now. And I honestly mean right NOW.

Madeline has her moments but life in general with Madeline has been good. When there is a tantrum about snack, I can usually calm her quickly. When she freaks out because The Street has ended and she doesn't want to turn the TV off I can usually distract her. When it is time to go to bed (with the exception of nap time of course...) and she cries "I need you Mommy" I can detach and tell her I will be there in the morning she calms and goes to sleep.

Bath time, however, is never this easy. She doesn't mind hanging out in the bath. She has the coolest bath toys and loves pretending to swim. The problem comes at the end of the bath. She hates having her hair washed.

So today my mother bought us a new tool to aide bath time. It is one of those buckets with a soft rubber side to set on the kid's forehead to avoid water in their eyes. They call them shampoo rinse cups. They make so much sense. They should work.

That is unless you are a two year old and you won't listen to your mother's assurances that it won't get water in your eyes if you look up at the sky and instead look down just as water is running across your head which sends it into your eyes which freaks you out even more which sends you into a crying jag that lasts for at least three days and two minutes and only ends when you are scooped out of the tub still soapy* and wrapped up in a towel. Are you exhausted yet? I am.

I begin reasoning. I start with, if you just listen to me it will work. If you follow my directions you will be just fine. We can go back to happy fun bath time. Shoot, this could be part of happy fun bath time. You can do it yourself. I won't even help. What two year old doesn't want to "do myself"?

I was wasting my time. The tears continued. Why do I, as a pretty kid savy adult, keep trying to reason with the unreasonable? Why? Because I am too smart for my own good, that's why. I just want her to see the light. I just want her to know that I am not trying to flood her... just get her clean. I want her to be as smart as I think she has the potential to be. So again I revert to my mantra...

Madeline is 2 years old.

Madeline is 2 years old.

How do you wash your kid's hair? Do they hate it? Do you want to cry after bathtime? (cause tonight I do...) I am open to suggestions. I may not be painting the new nursery biege... but I will listen to your suggestions this time. Pinky promise.


*What to know how I got the soap out of her hair? Still wrapped, very tightly, in a towel, I laid her on my lap, head over the tub and used said shampoo rinse cup. That did not go over well. Just in case you were wondering.



Michelle said...

Devon cries like he's being tortured every time we put him in the bath. He doesn't, however, bat an eye over taking a shower. So I just take him in with me.

And if you aren't going with beige what color are you going with?

Molly said...

Perhaps you need to demonstrate how the hair thing works on yourself first.

I can't help ya... you & El loved bath time & always listened to your mother.

Would you like another fairy tale before bed time? :)

bridget said...

You say "I just want her to see the light." How can she see the light if she has soap and water in her eyes??? I suggest washing her hair before she gets to play with the cool toys. Also, I would agree with Michelle...Alan began taking showers at about 2 1/2 and has rarely looked back!

carolyntracy said...

We let Isaac choose bath vs. shower, and we always wash hair first (just in case little brother makes something in the bath- at least we don't have to wash the kid after we wash the tub...). Gabe still freaks out when I try to rinse out the soap; just be quick about it. If he recovers, he plays happily for a long time, if he doesn't, we take him out quick and dry him off. Good luck, Mo. Just when you get her figured out, something new comes along.
Oh- and as far as naps go, who knows if it will work, but I just got the cutest little tent at Ikea ($15), and Isaac moved it into his room and put his pillow and blanket and read/played happily in it for a long time. Maybe she would fall asleep in a cute little red tent..

notawritersfather said...

Wait... theres a thing that will keep the water out of my eyes in the tub!?! Where do I get one?

Molly said...

BTW - that is a fabulous picture of your little 2 year old. FABULOUS!!

Fiance-Jeanne said...

I agree with Michelle and I also agree wash the hair before play time.

What color did you end up going with for the nursery? I would always go with blue, but that is me.

Gina said...

I think you are lucky that you can distract her when she has a tantrum. I'd take that over a happy bather, which is what I have. Ever since Logan was super duper little bitty I have just poured the water right over his head and now it doesn't bother him one bit. Try it with your second! Trust me! :)

bridget said...

Give her a washcloth to hold over her closed eyes and pour the water over her head while she looks downward....yeah, I know...easier said than done. Good luck!