Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I've been trying to blog all day without luck. So to be brief...

-happy anniversary Granny and Poppy.
-went to Mobot today and it was grand.
-started a new class tonight, they don't suck.
-off to bed after a rough night last night... For me, not little bits. I hate my hips this pregnancy... Either that or they hate me.

More tomorrow.



Molly said...

Thanks for the happy anniversary! It was!

Michelle said...

I tried for an hour to upload a video of devon crawling for my blog. totally unsuccessful so I understand your frustration. Are you hating your hips in a girl way or in a "they are killing me way." I have some suggestions if it's the "killing me way."

mGk said...

Totally the they are killing me way. I over did it at mobot walking around for three hours then teaching on my feet for another three hours. I worked a desk job last time so I don't remember it being this bad. No tears yet though!

Michelle said...

Do you do yoga? Some mild stretches might help. Get on all fours, and alternate between arching your back--arch up like you are a cat stretching out (rounding over your stomach) with your head and chin down looking at your belly. Reverse with your head and face looking out with the arch in your low back in a u-shape. Good for your low back and some on your hips when you tilt in. Depending on how comfortable it is for you, you can also do a modified child's pose. Start from hands and knees. Lower yourself onto your legs and stretch your arms down in front of you (essentially want to be laying on the floor with your knees bent and your legs under you). You will have to modify it because of your stomach. Maybe to your forearms instead of having your arms flat on the ground. Just get to a point where you are comfortable and can shift your weight in your hips from side to side. It should be gentle, but should stretch out your hips and low back.