Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Florida, Part III

Part 3 of our fabulous vacation: The Wedding.

We had a long day ahead of us so we started with a very large and healthy breakfast!

Although we had spent hours at the pool we hadn't ventured to the beach (except for evening walks to find shells). So we headed into the surf to catch some waves (which, as you can see, were non-existent) and build the obligatory sand castle.

Michelle requested a belly pic and on this blog, you know it is ask and you shall receive around here.

So I know it is not traditional, but I thought it was cute! Me at the beach at 28 weeks.

Madeline totally loved the beach. She liked digging in the sand, playing with the seashells and splashing in the surf.

What she wasn't too interested in however was building a sand castle. It is that sad pile of wet sand to her right. Not to awesome if you ask me... but fun was had knocking it down eventually.

After a long morning at the beach and then the pool we headed back inside for a long nap and much needed baths.

Madeline in her dress and bow right before heading out to the beach for the wedding. Isn't she cute?

Now for an actual belly pic:

Me and #2 at 28 weeks. I was holding my dress back so that is why the belly is so pronounced.

Beth and Jane. Aren't they gorgeous!

Beth with all of the kids. Count them... 7!!! Madeline was less than thrilled to have a bunch of strangers shouting for her to smile... not to mention the gobbling... but that is a story for another day.

Then it was time for the wedding!

The Groom! Isn't my brother in law handsome? It totally runs in the family!

Farris, helping Madeline down the aisle.

The newest couple in our family. I didn't get many photos during the ceremony mainly because I was trying to stop Madeline from #1-crying, #2- throwing sand #3- being a two year old. Totally futile, I know.

Madeline and I at the cocktail reception before dinner. Yes we caved and gave her a bop between photos. I was keeping the peace and it worked.

Our new family. Madeline, Kevin, Me, Beth, Bryan, Sue and Bruce.

The Cake!

It is a blurry photo but because there has to be a record of it somewhere... my brother in law (and sister in law too) dancing*.

*Dancing is not a past time that our guys (meaning Kevin or Bryan) partake in regularly, or very willingly.

So that is the wedding. It was a beautiful day and we are most happy to have gained a new and most wonderful member of the family. Welcome Beth. I am glad we didn't scare you away!

Florida Finale tomorrow. Promise it is worth it!



Michelle said...

Loved both photos. The first was definitely creative! And Madeline's dress couldn't have been any cuter! Thanks!

bridget said...

So where's this finale we've been promised??????

Molly said...