Thursday, August 20, 2009

Dr. Madeline

On our recent trip to Florida I thought it would be smart to have some new toys to help keep Madeline's attention on the airplane and for down time at the hotel. You can't take the whole play room and you can't always be out in the sun so I thought this was smart.

Madeline had shown some interest in Dr. stuff at play dates at other people's houses and a few weeks before we left on vacation she announced she was going to be a doctor. So we got her the classic Fisher-Price doctor kit for the trip. The first day she had it she played with it for an hour straight. There have been a few, very few, days she hasn't played with it since we got home from vacation.

I don't know that there is anyone who has come to visit who hasn't been "checked" by Madeline Opal Doctor (as she calls herself).

This video was taken on Monday or Tuesday (I think). She takes blood pressure very seriously.

As you can hear this time she wants to put the cuff on my elbow to make it feel better. Normally she tells us to be brave, that it will only hurt for a minute and gives us a shot. Her shots are some of the best I've ever had. She follows them up with cuddles, a kiss and a band aid. She has the best bedside manner of any doctor I've ever had.

I also have video of her proclaiming that she will be a doctor when she grows up... and those may or may not be played as she is determining her future as a teen.



Molly said...

I am here to testify to Maddy's curative talents. I have had my blood pressure stabilized, had a bird removed from my right ear and a turtle from my left, been cured of various infections, I've been immunized and cauterized, treated for fever and pain, and been the happy recipient of her warm and nurturing bedside manner. She's the doc for me!

bridget said...

I'm going to check with my insurance...hope she's in-network.

Nana's Lady said...

How I do love squeaky kid voices.