Thursday, August 13, 2009

Nap time

We are experiencing some nap time woes lately.

The week before our trip to Florida, Madeline decided she didn't like napping. She napped one day out of the four before our trip. It was my hope that she would get back into a schedule while in Florida and she did. She was so tired each day she napped like a champ.

Then we got home and she decided napping was for suckers. She struggled through nap times sometimes falling asleep in her chair, sometimes reading in her room for hours and never closing her eyes.

Then we went to IA and she napped again. At my parents, or Kevin's parents she naps. In those situations she is confined to a pack 'n play and she has no choice but to nap I guess. Being able to exit her bed is the issue. Books are too enticing not to read.

Sunday was no exception. I could hear her for at least two hours reading books. She was reading lines from classics like "Hop on Pop" and "Put Me in the Zoo." She even broke out some of the new favorites "Edwina: The Dinosaur Who Didn't Know She Was Extinct" and "There's a Monster in My Opu."

Then, 20 minutes before dinner, she is silent. When I go to get her, as we are already late to our dinner date, this is what I find:

Face down in a pile of books.

What am I going to do with her?



bridget said...

Great picture!!! Maybe "naptime" should start earlier...and if she is going to make a habit of sleeping on her books, we'll have to buy some of those soft, padded ones so she can be more comfortable.

Justin said...

What you should be doing for now is making sure you have a picture of what her face looks like when she wakes up. Even if you don't share, I bet that's funny. Oh and good luck getting her back on schedule.

Molly said...

Black out curtains on the windows!! Soft music playing in the background. A stern reminder to stay in bed (not that you're not already doing that!).

And if none of that works... a stiff shot of whiskey. Either for her or you, doesn't matter!

Elliot said...

As a writer, I find it heartening that a young person in today's world of e-book readers, video game machines, high-definition televisionoliolamatrons and, um...uh...artesian wells?..would rather ignore all of those modern advances and give up sleep just to read. Gives one hope for the future of mankind, and also the future of booksales.

Michelle said...

Does it make me a bad mom that my first thought was "stick her in pack and play?"