Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Florida, Part II

Let me apologize for the drawn out nature of these posts. As I sort through photos I just can't bring myself to skim over them. I want to do them justice and I want to document this all so that we have a record of our lives. Now that #2 is on his or her way I feel, more than ever, I have to keep this record so I don't forget the good and the bad. Of course this trip was all good!

Thursday: Rehearsal Dinner

So the real reason for our trip to Florida was for Kevin's brother Bryan's wedding. So after a morning in the pool the ladies started the wedding festivities at the spa!

My mother in law got her very first manicure with hot paraphin wax. I had both a manicure AND pedicure which I adored! I haven't really had the time or the ability to reach my toes lately! So a HUGE thanks goes out to Jane, Beth (my new sister in law)'s mother, who was our host at the spa! My toes thank you!

That evening we headed down to the beach to the rehearsal.

Madeline, Bryan and Beth.

Didn't I tell you it was a gorgeous place?!?!

Madeline had the best flower girl partner, Farris. Farris is the youngest in her family and she was SO good with Madeline. She instantly took control of making Madeline feel comfortable and was such a good role model for all of the kids in the wedding. (Did I mention there were 7, yes 7 kids in the wedding?!?!?!)

After the rehearsal we had dinner on the lawn.

Sue totally approved of the ice cream sundae bar for desert. I mean yumm-o, right?!

Again, aren't those palm trees and that sky just instantly relaxing.

After dinner we headed down to the beach as a family.

Kevin taught Madeline how to bury her feet in the sand.
Did I mention that Madeline loved this vacation and the beach? Isn't she adorable?

Did I mention how much I loved this vacation? and those two above? Oh I want to be back there right now... don't you?

Tomorrow, Part III: The Wedding!!!!



Michelle said...

Love Madeline's dress, jealous of the mani/pedi, and the vacation. Can you update with a photo of you in part 3 please? I want to see baby #2 too!

Kelli said...

I want to go to there!!

(btw, totally a 30 Rock quote...I don't normally talk like that)

RPS said...

Maddy looks great in her dress and it looks like a great location! How many times can I say great...ha ha...looks like it was a great time! ;-)