Thursday, October 02, 2008

Thank you Sarah Palin

and Joe Biden too, of course. Because of you all classes at FU were canceled for the next two days. The VP debate is happening tonight at our neighbor WashU's campus and streets will be closed in a ridiculous ratios around the campus.

So Madeline's day care is paid for and I still had my morning class so what does that mean? I got a massive amount of stuff done!!

That is just the front side of my list. If you click on it you can see how many things I have crossed off.

I have
  • cleaned the sheets on our bed and all of the towels in the house
  • put away all the clean dishes and reloaded the dishwasher
  • taken out the recycling and the trash
  • cleaned the kitchen counters
  • cleaned off the dining room table (no small feet)
  • put away all of the laundry (like three weeks worth of clean laundry for me...argh)
  • dusted the entire house
  • reorganized all of Madeline's toys, including moving them around and putting some in the basement
  • cleaned the bathroom
  • swiffered all the hardwood/tile floors (so the whole house)
  • then I got on my hands and knees and cleaned the living/dining room floor!!!!!!!! Oh, my grandmother would be so proud. (according to her it isn't clean unless you are on your hands and knees.)
  • then I mopped the kitchen floor
Now all that is left for today is to make the bed (which I will wait for Kevin to do, b/c it is easier with two people) and hang our fall wreath on the door. Tomorrow I want to tackle the basement or maybe the office. Both are horrifying. Truly. At any moment I might get lost in a paperwork avalanche in the office. Totally not kidding.

I havn't been this productive since before Madeline was born. I am exausted.



Sarah said...

Do my house next! Sounds like you rocked it. Great job, I love it when our house is clean.

Michelle said...

Are you a Palin fan?

Molly said...

Ok, let's hear your response to Michelle's question. Of course, I'm pretty sure I know your answer, but I want to hear how political you'll get here. (this is a test) Your brother has no problem going off on a rant now and then. Maybe it's time for you to go off on a rant. :)

Michelle said...

Sorry to put you on the spot...I'm just curious as to how women are responding to her. If it helps, I'll be voting Obama in November, and am actually a big Hilary fan. I'll reserve my thoughts on Palin for email so as not to offend any of your readers!

mGk said...

I try not to get political on the blog but if I had a quarter for every time Palin said 'Maverick' last night I'd still vote Obama.

That's all I have to say about that.