Monday, October 20, 2008

Did you know?

Did you know that Madeline has a cold and I am not getting any work done?

Did you know that the American Academy of Pediatrics has removed all cold remedies from the acceptable list for children under three?

Did you know that I can't give her anything but Tylenol to help her sleep?

Did you know that she already doesn't want to nap during the day and this cold is not making my job any easier?

Did you know that as I listen to Madeline cry in her bed (while she should be napping) it is making my heart break a little bit?

Did you know that I am trying not to go in there when she cries b/c I don't want her to think crying is the way to get out of bed?

Did you know that this Mommy stuff would mess with your head so much?

Did you know that I just want an hour to get some school work done so that I have a lesson plan for tonight? (I guess my students will just have to stare at me for four hours... yep, FOUR!)

(So Mom? When are you coming home?)




Molly said...

Not soon enough, apparently. :)

Do you have the humidifier going? That should help with congestion... and get out the whiskey bottle...

NO! Not for her! For you!

Tony said...

My boys have colds right now, too. I turned the humidifier up full blast in Gabe's room last night. He was damp when he woke up, but he didn't cough nearly as much as he had the night before. You need a prescription for it, but if she's really congested, your pediatrician might give you some albuterol to open up her airways a little. Not that you have time to take her to the Dr.'s office, though.

I say, find a video for your students to watch, or small group discussions always work. :)

Good luck, Mo. It'll all be better soon.

fern said...

I am enjoying the tone of your posts this week, although I wish your week was going better!

All bets are off when someone has a cold here. I'm doling out vitamins/Tylentol meltaways/Delsym/pacifiers/hot cocoa/warmed up chocolate milk like I'm a drug dealer.

Helena (my youngest, who is almost 2) hasn't had any colds that have kept her awake and I'm trying to come up with a magical solution for you... I have Helena sleep on a boppy pillow in her crib. It raises her head and shoulders a little and seems to help with nose drainage and other poetic stuff.

I hope you and she both have a better Wednesday! (Hump day! Woohoo!) ;)