Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thursday night bonding

I haven't talked about it much on the blog but Kevin's last few months at work have been really hectic. He has been moved twice in four months and although frustrating we are just happy he still has a job. Technically he did get a promotion after his first move, a good thing, but the stress and change is hard on all of us.

We really are doing ok. The hardest part about this newest change is his schedule. He has worked fairly "normal" hours for the past three years. Starting three weeks ago he has to close two nights a week. Madeline is none the wiser really. I miss him. I don't like spending my nights without him. But this post is not about my fear of the dark. (which is honestly what it boils down to in the end.)

So tonight I made a plan. Madeline and I had dinner. We visited with my dad who stopped by for a chat. Then it was time for bath and jammies. Instead of heading off to bed I decided to have a movie night with my little bits.

A couple of months ago my sister-in-law to be, Beth, had a birthday. I found what I thought was a pretty cool gift. I hope she liked it. She assured me she did. This week, while browsing the county library, I came across it and couldn't help but borrow it to see if it was as cool as I think it is.

It is.

Case in point.

Remember David? And look at how young Bob, Maria, Luis and Gordon are! And remember when Mr. Hooper died and they talked about it on the show? I love me some Mr. Hooper. I love me some Sesame Street.

As Madeline and I cuddled on the couch I was transported back to my childhood. It was a world without Elmo. Where the segments were twice as long and twice as groovy too. Prairie Dawn ruled the Little Sesame Street Theater. Guy Smiley was the host with the most. Super Grover flew over the streets and most importantly, it was without Elmo. (Did I mention it was without Elmo?) And what ever happened to Herry anyway?

I am all nostalgic. Now I want to find the Electric Company and reminisce some more.

As Madeline and I laid on the couch and watched the show I had a moment of total bliss. Some people knew exactly what they wanted out of school. They new from a young age what they wanted to be when they grew up. I never had that. There is only one thing I knew I would be. I knew I would be a mother. And I can't believe that I am some days.

I have been really stressed out lately and with work and changes in our schedule life just seems crazy. I have to remember to love this little girl for what and who she is right now. Because tomorrow she will be just that much older and wiser. It seems like she changes every single day. I swear she gets smarter in her sleep. (and if you talk to some early childhood development researchers she probably is...)

I am so happy to have those moments with Madeline. Those are the moments that I remember when she is screaming her head off at the grocery store because I won't let her put the cart buckle in her mouth or take her shoes off. I will remember the smell of her freshly bathed skin and the heavy warmth that radiates through my side as I hold her. I miss my baby, but I am loving this toddler too.

I really meant to just post the la de da de dum clip and let you get all nostalgic with me. I guess I had some other stuff to get out there huh?! I hope you enjoyed



Christy said...

You are an inspiring mother. Whenever I read this, it is clear to me that you constantly remind yourself to live in the moment and absorb all you can out of these precious years.

bridget said...

that part about madeline getting smarter in her night after i had put ryan to bed he called me to come upstairs. he was sitting up in bed and told me that he knew he was getting smarter because he could feel his brain growing! can't argue with that, now, can you?

RPS said...
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RPS said...

oops on that comment. I think Madeline has some great role model in the smarts department. And, I hear you on the crazy schedule not-here-every-night thing--though I've been a little lucky lately.

Tara said...

I love me some seasame street too. The old school versions are much better. The whiny ole Elmo hasn't take over the show yet. Glad you got some girl time and snuggling time.