Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Super-size me

Madeline and I ran some errands on Friday (Oct. 3). Normally I pack a little snack and her cup just in case. 99% of the time she isn't hungry and could care less about her water. But not on Friday. Friday she was totally parched. Her mouth was a virtual desert with no moisture in sight. She was so hungry she was in pain. (or at least you would think so based on her whines.)

I had forgotten her cup.

Her insistence that she was going to collapse with thirst unless she got water immediately was so bad that I thought about just buying her a new cup at Target, but that would mean an extra stop. So after almost 40 minutes of her asking for her "ah-ta" or water, I caved.

No, that is not a soda or a lemonade or any other one of the high fructose corn syrup laced drinks from the above fast food giant. It was before nap time, do you think I am totally crazy? There is nothing but water and ice in that cup. I felt really silly ordering a cup of ice and a bottle of water. But I really didn't want a Coney, or tater puffys, or deep fried anything. So why this resturant? Well, as crazy as this is going to sound... I love their ice.

I am a little obsessed with ice in my water. I can drink 64 oz. of water a day no problem as long as it is freezing cold with a ton of ice. (I dream of an automatic ice maker some day!) So what makes this particular establishment's ice so good? It is tiny. So there are like a million and a half little pea sized nuggets of frozen goodness in each cup. And because there are so many the water is freezing AND the ice doesn't melt very quickly. It just floats around and is wonderful hours later. It is ice water heaven. I am telling you, it is the little things in life.

This is the image that I got though. Isn't it hilarious. That cup is as big as her head! We sat in the parking lot, with that cup on her lap, just slurping away. I had a few mommies in their fancy mini-vans give me the look. You know, the "oh my goodness, she letting her baby drink that huge Coke?!?!?" look. I finally had to cut her off so we could drive home to avoid stares and the entire ride home, "ah-ta, ah-ta, ah-ta." So at home she drank to her hearts content.

That is until she desperately needed a new dipe.



bridget said...

i'd like to see her with a big gulp!

Michelle said...

I totally get it. Lion's Choice has really good ice--my personal favorite.

mGk said...

Lion's choice and Sonic ice are the same! I love them both!

Molly said...

I feel out of it. I don't have favorite ice. You are too weird.

ElizabethAllyn said...

AWWWWW !!! HI!! Its been awhile but I do check, your blog from time to time. Its been crazy at work. Yes I am still here at GSEM!! The new building is awesome. You should come by and check it out! The first picture reminds me of you. She is so cute and she is so grown now. I love her hair ...soooooo cute !!!! Ethan is getting so big too, The Pedi says he looks like a 2 year old ! He almost has all his teeth!!! lol
Take Care, Liz :)